VBI Vaccines Inc. (Nasdaq: VBIV) (TSX: VBV) (“VBI”) today announced the voting results from its annual general and special meeting (the “Meeting”) held on September 23, 2016.

A total of 26,558,396 shares were represented at the Meeting, being 73.50% of the Company’s issued and outstanding common shares. The shareholders voted on and approved all matters brought before the Meeting, including the appointment of EisnerAmper LLP, Chartered Accountants as auditors of the Company and to authorize the directors to fix their remuneration, the election of the directors of the Company, and an advisory resolution to approve the Company’s approach to executive compensation.

Detailed results of the vote for the election of directors are provided below:

Votes For Votes Withheld
Nominee # % # %
Election of Directors
Jeff Baxter 18,066,460 99.71% 52,985 0.29%
Steven Gillis 18,118,302 99.99% 1,143 0.01%
Scott Requadt 18,116,772 99.99% 2,673 0.01%
Michel De Wilde 18,116,389 99.98% 3,056 0.02%
Sam Chawla 18,117,972 99.99% 1,473 0.01%
Steven D. Rubin 18,017,032 99.43% 102,413 0.57%
Adam Logal 18,112,942 99.96% 6,503 0.04%

The Company is also pleased to announce that the Chief Financial Officer of VBI Vaccines Inc. (Delaware) prior to the merger (the “Merger”) of the Company (then SciVac Therapeutics Inc.) and VBI Vaccines Inc. (Delaware), Egidio Nascimento, has been named Chief Financial Officer of the Company. The Company would like to thank James J. Martin for his role as Chief Financial Officer of the Company during the Company’s transition period post-Merger.