Activating the Power Within

Driven by Immunology in the Pursuit of Powerful Prevention and Treatment of Disease

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Our Philosophy: Immune to Limitations

At VBI, we believe that by stimulating and fortifying the immune system, we can overcome even the toughest public health and medical challenges.

With deep roots in immunology and vaccinology, we are committed to better health for all.

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Our Focus: Infectious Disease and Cancer

Our pipeline candidates are working to address significant unmet public health and medical needs – from a highly-contagious infectious disease putting hundreds of millions of people at risk worldwide, to a fast-growing cancer that typically results in death within 15 months of diagnosis.

We are committed to the fight.

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Our Pipeline: Both Sides of the Fight

VBI’s pipeline of vaccine and immunotherapeutic candidates are designed to power the human immune system to both prevent and fight disease.

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Vaccines prepare our bodies to fight disease, playing a crucial role in keeping us healthy.

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Immunotherapeutics help to harness and direct the immune system’s natural defenses to eliminate infections and diseased cells.

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Our Science:

VBI’s vaccine candidates closely mimic the natural presentation of viruses to elicit the innate power of the human immune system.

This natural mimic is achieved through VBI’s innovative approach to virus-like particles.

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