VBI Vaccines is developing a next generation of vaccines to address unmet needs in infectious disease and immuno-oncology

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eVLP-Derived Vaccine Candidates

Dr. David Anderson, VBI's Chief Scientific Officer, discusses VBI's eVLP Platform and the company's unique approach to vaccine development.

Technology Platforms

eVLP Platform

VBI’s eVLP Platform allows for the design of enveloped (“e”) virus-like particle (“VLP”) vaccines. eVLPs are an innovative new class of synthetic vaccines that are designed to closely mimic the structure of viruses. VBI’s eVLP Platform provides a stable foundation that is suitable for a wide array of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine candidates.

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LPV™ Platform

Many vaccines and biologics are highly sensitive to temperature and physical stress which may lead to a loss in potency or reduced safety, limiting protective benefits or therapeutic effects. VBI’s Lipid Particle Vaccines (“LPV”) Platform is a proprietary formulation and process designed to preserve the stability and potency of vaccines and biologics.

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