In late April, we compiled a list of U.S. states considering cytomegalovirus ("CMV") legislation. Since publication, we're pleased to report that three states have enacted CMV laws, including:

  • Connecticut on May 26th, 2015
  • Texas on June 19th, 2015
  • Hawaii on July 14th, 2015

Connecticut will offer a test for CMV to any newborn infant who fails a hearing screening beginning January 1st, 2016, provided funds are available. The law also requires that healthcare providers report cases of congenital CMV to the Connecticut Department of Public Health.In Texas, legislators approved a law that will make CMV educational materials available to the parents of infants, expecting parents, and women who may become pregnant. Educational materials will describe the incidence of CMV, transmission routes, birth defects caused by CMV, and available preventive measures. The educational materials will be published in both English and Spanish.

Hawaii will also provide educational materials to pregnant women and women who may become pregnant, informing them of CMV risks and avoidance strategies. Working through the Department of Health, CMV information will be provided to certain hospitals, health care providers offering care to pregnant women, and licensed group child care centers.

Currently, only Utah, which approved its CMV legislation in 2013, offers both CMV education and CMV screening for newborns with hearing loss.

The introduction and passage of CMV legislation is due in part to the diligent efforts of U.S.-based CMV non-profit organizations including: Stop CMV, the National CMV Organization, Maddie's Mission, the Brenan B. McGinnis Congenital CMV Foundation, the Utah CMV Council, among others.

We encourage you to contact a non-profit, or your local legislator, to lend your support.

Connecticut Public Act No. 15-10: An Act Concerning Cytomegalovirus

Status: Enacted (5/26/2015)
Focus: Infant CMV Screening
View Bill
View Bill HistoryEst. Population: 3,596,677

Hawaii House Bill 782: Relating to the Cytomegalovirus

Status: Enacted (7/14/2015)
Focus: CMV Education
View Bill
View Bill HistoryEst. Population: 1,419,561

Texas Senate Bill 791: Relating to education about congenital cytomegalovirus in infants

Status: Enacted (6/19/2015)
Focus: CMV Education
View Bill
View Bill HistoryEst. Population: 25,145,561

Utah House Bill 0081: Cytomegalovirus Public Health Initiative

Status: Enacted (3/21/2013)
Focus: CMV Education and Infant CMV Screening
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View Bill HistoryEst. Population: 2,949,902

Illinois House Bill 0184

Status: Passed House and Senate; Sent to the Governor (6/29/2015)
Focus: CMV Education
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 12,880,580

Tennessee House Bill 0539: An Act to Amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 63 and Title 68, Relative to Cytomegalovirus

Status: House Deferred to Summer Study (3/24/2015)
Focus: CMV Education and Infant CMV Screening
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 6,549,352Note: Status is current as of July 16th, 2015. Please review the current status to get the most up to date information in each state.