Update: U.S. CMV Legislation as of July 2015

On June 14th, 2013, Governor Gary Herbert signed Utah House Bill HB0081, the first state level legislation dedicated to cytomegalovirus ("CMV"). HB0081 established a public education program that requires healthcare providers to communicate the dangers of congenital CMV infection to pregnant women. HB0081 also mandates CMV screening for infants suffering from hearing loss.

HB0081's passage is currently unique - while CMV is among the most common congenital infections in the U.S., outside of Utah, CMV testing is not yet required by law. However, thus far in 2015, lawmakers weighed in on CMV bills in five U.S. states: Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, Connecticut, and Hawaii.Congenital CMV infection often goes undetected because the majority of affected infants do not present symptoms at birth. Some evidence has shown that routine screening of newborns could allow infected infants to receive better care. Further, studies have shown that health education can be an effective means of increasing CMV awareness and potentially decreasing the prevalence of congenital CMV infection.

Collectively, CMV legislation being considered could reach nearly 50 million U.S. persons. The summary below includes links to the bills as well as their status (as of April 28, 2015). Contact your local legislator to lend your support.

Texas Senate Bill 791: Relating to Testing For and Education about Congenital Cytomegalovirus in Infants

Status: Passed Senate; House has Received (4/8/2015)
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 25,145,561

Illinois House Bill 0184

Status: Several Amendments Adopted; Third Reading and Short Debate (4/23/2015)
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 12,880,580

Tennessee House Bill 0539

Status: House Deferred to Summer Study (3/24/2015)
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 6,549,352

Connecticut House Bill 5525: An Act Concerning Cytomegalovirus

Status: Favorable Report; Tabled for the House Calendar (4/8/2015)
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 3,596,677

Hawaii House Bill 782: Relating to the Cytomegalovirus

Status: Received Notice of Disagreement; Conference Committee Meeting to Reconvene April 30th, 2015 (4/24/2015)
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Review the Current StatusEst. Population: 1,419,561Note: Status is current as of April 28th, 2015. Please review the current status to get the most up to date information in each state.