Dr. Waziri is currently CEO and Co-Founder of iCE Neurosystems, a privately held medical device company. He was previously Director of the Brain Tumor Program at the Inova Neuroscience Institute. Prior to taking the position at Inova he was Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery and faculty in the Cancer Biology program at the University of Colorado. His research has focused on the study of mechanisms involved with the suppression of cellular immunity by myeloid-lineage cells in human glioblastoma, identified through the analysis of fresh human tissues. Dr. Waziri has served as Principal Investigator for a range of early- to late-phase clinical trials in primary and secondary glioblastoma, including several investigator-initiated first-in-human pilot studies encompassing serial immunomonitoring in patients to explore restitution of cellular immune function by targeting myeloid-derived immunosuppression.