• VBI is developing a prophylactic CMV vaccine; VBI's Senior Vice President of Research will discuss the vaccine candidate's design, preclinical data, and manufacturing process.
  • The Presentation will begin at 10:45AM on Friday, September 26th in Ball Room A.

VBI Vaccines has been invited to speak at the CMV Public Health & Policy Conference being held in Salt Lake City, UT on September 26th and 27th.

Dr. David E. Anderson, VBI's Senior Vice President of Research, will deliver a presentation, A Prophylactic CMV Vaccine to Prevent Congenital Infection Using Enveloped Virus-Like Particles (eVLPs), at 10:45AM on Friday, September 26th in Ball Room A. Dr. Anderson will discuss VBI's CMV Vaccine Program and the Company's lead product candidate, VBI-1501A.VBI-1501A is a prophylactic vaccine designed to prevent CMV infection. VBI-1501A has demonstrated strong proof of concept in preclinical studies and is currently on track to support an IND submission and Phase I start in Q4 2015. For more information, visit: https://www.vbivaccines.com/cmv/.

"This exciting vaccine candidate could reduce or eliminate the developmental delays and birth defects caused by congenital CMV infection, for which today there is no vaccine available," said Jeff Baxter, VBI's President and CEO. "We are pleased to share our progress and also to support Utah State University and the CMV community in their efforts to limit the devastating effects of CMV in the near term."

The goal of the CMV conference is to present the latest research on diagnosis and treatment, raise awareness, delineate prevention efforts, provide information about early intervention options, and to develop strategies to reduce the number of children born with CMV. For more information, visit the CMV Public Health & Policy Conference website at: http://cmv.usu.edu/.