SciVac Ltd.

Contract Development Services

SciVac Ltd. has the facilities and expertise that enable development of therapeutic proteins starting with a selected clone, through production, purification, and analytical testing. For your phase I and II clinical trials, SciVac Ltd. offers manufacturing services under cGMP conditions.

Development Services
  • Production processes in bacteria
  • Production processes in mammalian cells
  • Purification processes
  • Filling processes
  • Analytical services
Manufacturing Services Under cGMP conditions
  • Production Processes in bacteria or mammalian cells
  • Purification processes
  • Formulation and Filling processes
  • QC release testing
  • Manufacturing is suitable for Phase I & Phase II clinical trials
Analytical Development Capabilities

Highly advanced technologies for testing raw materials, in-process controls and release testing in full compliance with EP/USP pharmacopeia and ICH guidelines, such as:

  • HPLC
  • Immunological Assays
  • Colorimetric Electrophoreses
  • SDS-PAGE, Western Blot
  • Activity/Potency assays
  • Bioassays
  • Microbiology
  • Others, tailored to the client’s needs
SciVac Ltd. Offers
  • Experienced scientists and manufacturing professionals
  • Effective, robust and timely development
  • Modern facilities and state of the art clean rooms
  • Proven record for on-time delivery
  • Competitive pricing

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