RSV Vaccine Program

RSV Program Overview

VBI plans to apply its enveloped virus-like particle (“eVLP”) vaccine platform to the development of a novel respiratory syncytial virus (“RSV”) vaccine candidate. eVLPs are an innovative new class of synthetic vaccines that are designed to closely mimic the structure of viruses. Because of their structural similarity to viruses found in nature, eVLPs may be capable of imparting greater immunity than immunization with the same recombinant target protein alone. Learn more about VBI’s eVLP Platform >>

Collaboration with NRC-IRAP

VBI has been awarded grant funding by the National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (“NRC-IRAP”) to develop an eVLP vaccine candidate that expresses pre-fusion RSV-F protein. NRC-IRAP is a Canadian government-sponsored organization that supports the development and commercialization of innovative technologies.

NRC-IRAP is a Canadian government-sponsored organization that supports the development and commercialization of innovative technologies.
Learn more about NRC-IRAP >>

RSV Medical Need

RSV is a respiratory virus that infects the lungs and airways. While healthy people typically experience only mild, cold-like symptoms, and quickly recover, RSV can cause serious disease in infants and older adults.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, almost all children will have had an RSV infection by the time they are two years of age. When infants and children are exposed to RSV for the first time, 25% to 40% will have symptoms of pneumonia or bronchiolitis and as many as 2% will require hospitalization.1 Globally, RSV is responsible for 6.7% of deaths in infants one month to one year old, more than any other single pathogen except malaria.2

On average, each year in the U.S. it is estimated that RSV leads to:3
  • 57,000+ hospitalizations among children younger than five years old
  • 2.1 million outpatient visits among children younger than five years old
  • 175,000+ hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths among adults older than 65 years

Currently, there are no approved vaccines for the prevention of RSV.

RSV Resources

  • RSV general information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit resource >>
  • RSV epidemiology, disease burden, and clinical characteristics from the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Visit resource >>
  • RSV mortality statistics from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Visit resource >>
  • RSV in the elderly from the New England Journal of Medicine. Visit resource >>

Design Approach

RSV is an enveloped virus. Like many enveloped viruses, RSV contains a number of proteins on its surface that could be targets for neutralization. In circulation, the key target RSV-F protein exists in a pre-fusion conformation. A growing body of research suggests that the development of a pre-fusion RSV-F protein-based vaccine may allow for the development of more potent vaccine candidates.4,5

New manufacturing characterization data demonstrates that VBI is capable of producing eVLPs that express pre-fusion conformations of the RSV-F protein.

Preliminary Evidence of Pre-fusion RSV F-Protein on Surface of eVLPs

Sandwich ELISAs using the 131 and 5C4 mAbs detect post- vs. pre-fusion conformations of the RSV-F protein, respectively. Inactivated RSV or eVLPs expressing RSV-F were purified by sucrose gradient purification.

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